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Who We Are

Proud Caviteño is a non-profit organization built in 2017. We are composed of highly dedicated team members whose aim is to promote Cavite as one of the best provinces in the Philippines.

Cavite is the historical capital of the Philippines. But aside from historical places, there so many things Cavite has to offer; from its cultures and traditions, delicacies, landmarks and tourist attractions, festivities, and even the talents of Caviteños.

We are here to showcase everything about Cavite and promote it to other people especially to our fellow Filipinos.

A Reliable Source of Information

We believe that staying up-do-date with the latest news and events is very important. That is why, we are devoted in providing all the updates in the province of Cavite.

Proud Caviteño has been a trusted and reliable source of information for the past years, and our goal is to continue serving the people, especially Caviteños by showing them everything about the province because we believe that being able to learn about Cavite, from its history up to the current events, is a good way for us to become a Proud Caviteño.


What People Think About Us

“Definitely recommended! They provide interesting information and even a great way to promote our province. Great job, Proud Caviteño!”



“Proud Caviteño is informative, fun and always find ways to engage with their audience. They’re always keeping us Caviteños up to date.”



“They guide you what to do in Cavite, where to find delicacies, current trends, yearly festivities, announcements and news.”



Our Team

We are a team of highly dedicated people whose aim is to serve Caviteños.

Proud Caviteño consists of compassionate team members and volunteers who are highly dedicated in serving Caviteños. Our team loves what we do and that contributes to our synergies to become an organization that we are very proud to be a part of.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on your generosity to help us continue giving people the latest updates and news about the province and promote it to our fellow Filipinos. 


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